Christian Rock

Demon Hunter. Christian hard rock at it's most powerful! Awesome band! If you are into metal (and especially bands like Slipknot) and have never heard Demon Hunter you need to see what you are missing. They will blow you away (guaranteed)! Listen to their music at: Demon Hunter MySpace Music.

Christian Vast resource of info and lyrics for Christian rock, hardrock, and hiphop bands.

P.O.D. Still one of the coolest, most well established, and enduring Christian rock bands about. A sort of mix between, rock, rap, and reggae. Hear them on: P.O.D. MySpace Music

Christian Gothic Sites

Christian Goth. The ultimate Christian Goth site.

Christian Boutique. Resources from Christian Goth, Gothic Bible covers, banners, keyrings, dolls, etc.

Goths for Jesus. A Light Shining in the Darkness.

Gothic Christianity. A well put together site full of excellent material.

Angel Miette's Christian Goth Site.

Christian Punk

Christian Punks Unite


Ex-Witch Ministries. Good articles and has an excellent and very informative message board community.

Ex-Pagans for Christ. Website run by former pagans now Chritians. Message board community.

Christian Spotlight on the Occult. Alternative Christian aricles on Wicca, Witchcraft, Spiritualism, Occultism, etc.

Christian Spotlight on the New Age Movement. Alternative Christian aricles on ghosts, hauntings, the Fae (Fairies), UFOs, angels, Reiki, reincarnation, etc.

Other Sites of Interest

Faitful Trends. Description:Alternative Christian Clothing, specializing in cool Christian T-Shirts and Christian accessories.

Urban Dictionary. Just what is an Emo? Or what, exactly, is a Metal Head? Urban Dictionary has the answer. A ‘colourful’ slang dictionary with definitions submitted by the public.

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