Does the Bible Teach Occultism?

© Spotlight Ministries, Vincent McCann, 1999

It has sometimes been argued that Christians should not condemn the practice of occultism because the Bible promotes it. This brief article will therefore examine some popular passages which proponents of the occult sometimes turn to for support.

As a kind of foreword it has to be kept in mind that when one finds instances of something which some may interpret as 'occultic' in the Bible, the following things must be kept in mind: Many of the references which proponents of 'occultism in the Bible' are from the Old Testament. The Old Testament saints did many things which were not God's perfect will before Christ came and revealed a more perfect way by close relationship with Him. Furthermore, some of the practices in the Old Testament were unique to that particular era. God dealt with His people, the Israelites in a particular way. Many of the places where one can interpret some practice as occultic was mostly an isolated instance engaged in by the individual, which also tended to be the exception rather than the rule.

The following list consists of biblical passages which some seek to interpret as being "occultic":

� Even though those who hold to an occult world view occasionally look to the Bible for support for their beliefs, when the passages which are cited for support are examined, in context, and in their historical setting, it soon becomes evident that occultism cannot be supported by the Bible.

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