"Christian Wicca"?
The Ultimate Oxymoron!

© Spotlight Ministries, 2003

In recent times, with the gaining popularity of the Wiccan and neo-pagan religions, there have been some attempts to reconcile Wicca with Christianity. For example, Wiccan authors, Tony and Eileen Grist claim:

"It is also possible to be a Wiccan and a Christian who goes to church regularly". (Tony and Eileen Grist, Illustrated Guide to Wicca, p. 13).

Some have even coined the questionable term "Christian Wicca". Is such a position really possible? While it is certainly important that Christians and Wiccans dialogue and are respectful to each other as human beings, we should not try and fool ourselves into thinking that Christianity and Wicca are in any way complementary. It is simply not honest to declare otherwise, as the key differences are just too vast. This brief outline points out some significant differences between Wicca and Christianity to demonstrate the reasons why they are clearly not compatible.

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