A Book Review of:
From Darkness to Light
by Jeff Harshbarger

From Darkness to Light by Jeff Harshbarger, Bridge-Logos, 2004 A testimonial book written by a friend of mine in America who runs a similar ministry to Spotlight Ministries.

Jeff was a Satanist prior to his conversion to Christ and this book explores his journey into the dark world of the occult and his eventual deliverance from it.

The main focus of this book is Jeff’s own amazing story, a story which reveals how easy it is for people to begin dabbling into perilous supernatural realms. There is a clear warning here which plainly illustrates how seemingly innocent and curious experimentation can soon lead into very dangerous and dark spiritual realms (in Jeff’s case Satanism).

Most importantly, the book also offers a message of hope. Even for those who have never been directly effected by the extremes of occultism that Jeff was involved in the message is clear – Jesus Christ is able to save anyone, even those who seem totally lost and beyond redemption.

The book is divided into 3 very clear sections. The first part tells Jeff’s own story. The second part has some useful information by seeking to define what the occult actually is. The final part offers some helpful practical advice and has a few brief accounts of others who have had similar stories of escape from the occult.

I found this book a very riveting read, clear, and easy to follow. Definitely one of those books where you can’t put down and just need to keep turning the pages to see what happens next.

Visit Jeff’s site here to find out more about his ministry and to find out how to order the book: http://www.refugeministries.cc/main.asp

Video: "The Devil Inside" The Jeff Harshbarger Testimony
Visit this link for an excellent short 700 Club video documentary.

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