The Blasphemy of
Jerry Springer the Opera
in Liverpool

© Spotlight Ministries, Vincent McCann, 2006

I was amongst a large group of Christians who went to the Liverpool Empire Theatre to peacefully protest against the blasphemous production of Jerry Springer the Opera on its opening night.

It was good to see so many Christians from churches turn up to voice their objections to the show (the Liverpool Echo reported that there were a thousand people who turned up). However, it was also very sad to think that such a demonstration even had to take place as the show went ahead regardless, despite the many complaints and controversy that has accompanied it.

What is all the fuss about? Jerry Springer the Opera portrays Jesus Christ in the following way:

Jesus is introduced into the show as ‘the hypocrite son of the fascist tyrant on high’ and is portrayed as a pervert who gets pleasure from defecating in his nappy, is a foul mouthed wife beater, and someone who is referred to as being “a bit gay.”

This is just some of the offensive content that the show is taking throughout our country, a country that once used to pride itself on its Christian values – not anymore! Now it seems that Christianity is something to be lampooned, ridiculed, and freely blasphemed.

Another thing that is incredible in all of this is that there are some people who have seen the show who do not think it is offensive. This is almost incomprehensible. An important religious leader is presented in such a disrespectful way and not even an eyebrow is raised. Rightly does the Bible identify this condition as a spiritual blindness which veils the eyes of non-believers (2 Cor. 4:4).

One wonders why the producers of Jerry Springer the Opera didn’t make reference to other religious leaders (like Mohammed, or a Sikh leader, etc) and portray them in a similar light to what Jesus was portrayed. This, of course, would have been equally as wrong as no religion or religious leaders should be mocked and ridiculed in such a manner. Christians may have differences with other religions but they do not condone the mockery of another’s faith no matter who they may be. Part of the answer for the conspicuous absence of other religious leaders from the Springer show must surely be because the producers are cowardly, fearing the outcry that would go up. Not so long ago a theatre production which portrayed the Sikh religion in a disrespectful light was quickly closed down due to protests by the Sikh community.

Christians need to be ready to speak up and be a voice when the next blasphemy comes (and it will). Be prepared to peacefully protest and/or write letters of complaint. Some Christians have said to me: ‘Oh but this is just the way that the world is going, there is nothing you can do to stop it.’ But if we just sit back and do nothing then where is our conviction? The less we do only gives a stronger green light for further and more offensive material to emerge against the Christian faith. There are still enough Christians in this country to be a significant voice to stem the tide of the anti-Christ rhetoric that is being spewed fourth in the name of ‘entertainment.’ But if we do nothing how can our voice be heard?

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