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* Most Mormons believe that the reason the Utah Mormon Church (the main and largest Mormon church) does not use Smith's own version of the Bible (other than endnotes in their King James Version) is because Smith died before his work on it was completed. However, the evidence strongly suggests that Smith did indeed complete his work (e.g. see: D&C: 73:3, 4; 94:10; 124:89 and many historical statements e.g. see: letter by Smith and Sidney Rigdon dated 2nd July, 1833: "We this day finished the translation of the Scriptures, for which we return gratitude to our Heavenly Father..." (History of the Church vol., 1, 368). The splinter group, The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints felt that the version was completed and publish it to this day. Additionally, it is also worth bearing in mind that the changes that Smith made began in Genesis and end in Revelation.

To see a response to this article from a Mormon apologist and my counter response follow this link: Questions for Mormons on Latter Day Revelation: Some Answers, Some Responses.

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