Who is the Jesus of the Latter-day Saints?
A Comparison Between the Christ of Christianity and the Christ of Mormonism. Are they the same?

Should Christians Pray about the Book of Mormon?
Christians are often faced with this challenge by Mormons. This article offers some suggestions on how to respond.

Do Mormons Pray to or Worship Jesus Christ?
Mormons often speak about Christ, but where do they stand in their relationship to Him?

Prophets and Apostles of the Restoration.
The Mormon Church claims that it alone is the one and only true Church on earth
 today because it claims to have Apostles and Prophets. This article examines this claim.

Mormonism and "That's Just His Opinion".
This article examines the common Mormon objection that unusual statements made by their leaders are just their own opinions.

Mormon Temples and the Restoration.
Mormonism claims that their temples are a restoration of Biblical temples. This article demonstrates how this is not the case.

The Mormon Plan of Eternal Progression
The Mormon plan of eternal progression is important to understand as it is threaded throughout many of Mormonism's doctrines.

The Implications of Mormon Eternal Progression.
If you carry the Mormon doctrine of eternal progression through to its logical conclusion some surprising results come to light.

What Does Gethsemane Mean in Mormonism?
The Mormon concept of Gethsemane differs significantly from the Biblical and historic Christian concept of this event in Jesus' life.

Who is the Holy Ghost in Mormonism?
The official view of the modern Mormon Church seems to be that the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit
are one and the same.  But further study reveals that the LDS Church have not always believed this.

Questions for Mormons on Latter Day Revelation
Six questions for Mormons to consider on Latter day revelation.

Mormonism, the Sin of Murder, and Blood Atonement
Is the Sin of Murder Unforgivable? One of the lesser known doctrines of the Mormon Church is that the sin of
murder is an unforgivable sin. This article examines this belief, the controversial belief of Mormon "blood
atonement," and makes some contrasts with the Christian position on murder.

An Examination and Response to the Mormon Eighth Article of Faith  (long!).
This B.A. (hons) thesis work examines what Latter-day Saints mean by their Eighth Article of Faith which reads:

"We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God".

Issues covered in this paper include:

What do Mormons mean when they use the words "as translated correctly" when speaking about the Bible?

The reliability/unreliability of the Bible.

The so called "lost books" of the Bible.

Joseph Smith's Inspired Version of the Bible.

Origin of the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon - a product of the 19th century?

The issue of plagiarism in the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon - the world's most correct book?

The Book of Mormon, history, and archaeology.

From Mormonism to Jesus Christ.
The Testimony of ex-Mormon J.D. Jensen

What does the Mormon Church Really Think of other Churches?
Some revealing quotations demonstrating how other churches are viewed by Mormonism
and how the LDS Church views themselves in comparison.

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