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most pagans know more about Christianity than christians. I feel that the truth will survive a fire. your bible doesn't If you require a book and have the arrogance to quote that book to "prove" something , then you truly do sit on a paper asshole.

Subj: You're wrong
Date: 21/08/2003 12:10:39 GMT Daylight Time

You don't know a damn thing about wicca if you're saying wicca is to do with the devil. Wicca is not harmful thing.For anyone you hurt it will hit you back 3 times as worse. One thing that really ticks me off is how you can slag off anyone who's to do with Harry Potter. For your information I am a Christian and I'm learning Wicca. So in future get your facts right. If you have a problem with what I've put in this E-Mail Contact me. From annoyed serious, 11 yr old.

Subj: You're ssooooooooooooooooooooo WRONG
Date: 21/08/2003 12:10:32 GMT Daylight Time

Like Kate West said "Magic itself is neither good nor bad, white or black, it is a neutral force in the same way of electricity is." If any spell is used in a bad way, it will hit the conjurer 3 times as worse. From a Wicca Christian myself I say magic is nothing to do with satan. What I'm about to say is how dare you use language against the people apart of Harry Potter. I think your jealous of J.K. Rowling. Just because your brains snuffed it years ago, oh sorry I forgot you' ve never had even a brain cell between you. That still doesn't mean you have to criticise the people and animals working for the Harry Potter things. You should get your heads outside of your backsides and be happy for them. Anyway, if you see Harry Potter books and film are Fiction. In future get a brain and think before you speak.

From Annoyed, Aunt

P.S. if you want to tell me what you think of this letter send an e-mail back

Subj: your views are just that...
Date: 28/11/2002 18:42:10 GMT Standard Time

take your stupid ass christen beliefs and shove them real hard up your tight ass. if any one wanted your stupid religion they would probably be there being misserable with you. And if you think i'm some stupid kid guess again, I'm 40 and have been pagan for 10 years and i love it so take your view and shove it up your ass. And if you want me i'm stationed at ft.campbell, ky. come and get some if you have the stomach for someone who will fight back.

Date: 14/11/2002 18:22:35 GMT Standard Time

Do not respond to this e-mail....
To be so arragent as to believe that one path to the devine is the only Path is both ignorant and ASSNINE! It's been proven humanity was around long before your male dominated cult i.e. all "god" based religions i.e. christanity, judaism, muslum, your a bunch of women hating child raping assholes. Keep your hell cuz your all going to burn in the reality you made....I wont cuz the goddess and god love their OPEN minded childern(and paganism was around LONG before your version of god)

Subj: Re:Witchcraft and Wicca
Date: 29/09/2002 16:05:12 GMT Daylight Time
To: VSpotlight

Hello Vincent,
I am a witch and have been so for 3 years. I am also a teenager. I have no sympathy for you. You had no self-control, and "Jane" is as pathetic a character as you could make. Ever heard of MPD? Multipple Personality Disorder? Someone with MPD who has a twisted sense of humor could do what she "did" to you. And what's more, the goth scene has nothing to do with magick, or witchcraft. Satanism has nothing to do with witchcraft. Satan is a creation of orthodox religions, and therefore has nothing to do with witchcraft. When you practiced witchcraft, I'll bet you didn't even know how to cast a circle. You were just one of the thousands of dis-illusioned youths, who assumed witchcraft was the way to go, because it doesn't require and skill, or work. Well it does, any TRUE witch with any self-control wouldn't have gotten into what you did. The sad truth is, you're just a weak-willed submissive, lazy person with no self-control.

Brightest Blessings.

Subject: occult and cults caught up in such terrible deception
Date: 29 April 2001 18:28

may be you and if you have no brain
i have been a practicing pagan sence 8yrs old i was born in 1969
you no little or nothing of what goes own the christian church is the' bigest evil of all and one of the most curopted and last of all the most hipacretical

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