The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts: A Riveting Investigation into Channelling and Spirit Guides.
A Christian review of a truly fascinating and revealing book. This book was written by a non-Christian
but his conclusions of what exactly the spirit guides really are is strikingly similar to what the Bible says.

A Christian Perspective on Ghosts and Hauntings (With a Special Look at the Television Series: Most Haunted).
Is paranormal activity due to ghosts or are there other possible explanations? What are Christians to make of such things?

A Christian View on the Practice of Spiritualism.
Why is Spiritualism so popular today? What is the source behind its power?

New Age Channelling
The practice of "channelling" is popular in New Age circles today. What is this practice?

Are the spirit entities that are communicating their messages really what they claim to be?

New Age Fairies?
Christian concerns over the New Age fascination with fairies (Faeries, The Fae).

Revealing the Identity of the New Age Angels.
Are the angels that New Age believers contacting really from God? What is their identity?

Deliverance from New Age Channelling.
Testimony of Janice Beakstead. Failing to find fulfilment in the Mormon Church, Janice sought spiritual

enlightenment in the messages of New Age channellers and the messages given by the spirits they professed
to channel (J.Z. Knight's "Seth", and the "Urantia" book). God eventually exposed the true nature of
these beings and drew Janice to Himself.

Escape from a New Age Self Improvement Cult.
Ann Turner's Testimony. There are so many New Age orientated self-improvement and business cults about today.

Many carry a veneer of respectability, and the intentions of those who join them are sincere. However, as Ann and
 her husband discovered, such groups can prove to be spiritually damaging and financially draining.

Modern Shamanism
A look at a growing movement in today's Pagan/New Age scene.

How can Christians Witness to those in the New Age Movement?
Helpful tips and suggestions for Christians who want to communicate the Gospel with those in the New Age.

Reincarnation Under the Spotlight
Many Westerners now believe in the concept of reincarnation. Surprisingly, little has been written about the many

problems with this belief. This article, therefore, takes a look at some of the difficulties with the concept of reincarnation.

Who is the New Age Jesus?
New Age believers often speak about "The Christ", but is this the same Christ spoken of in the New Testament?

The Serpent's Lie: God Realization
Many are unaware that one of the primary goals of the New Age Movement is to make humanity aware of their

supposed deity.  Are human beings really gods or is this simply another form of the same lie told by the
serpent in the garden of Eden? Yoga and meditation are also briefly examined.

Are all Religions More or Less the Same?
A popular belief in today's culture, especially among New Age adherents, is the viewpoint that all religions lead to God.

Is this true, or are there significant and irreconcilable differences between the many religions?

Reiki has become very popular in New Age practice in recent years. What is it? Are there any negative side effects?

UFOs: What are They?
In recent years there has been an escalating interest in UFOs and aliens. Many in the New Age Movement are firm believers

in aliens, affectionately calling them "our space brothers". Do UFOs exist? If so, what are they? Where do they originate from?

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External Links:

Uncommon Sense Ministries.
A very well researched site by an ex-Wiccan, now Christian.


Laura Maxwell.
Laura is a friend of mine and is an ex-Spiritualist.


Christian Answers for a New Age (CANA)

Marcia Montenegro, a former professional astrologer for 8 years and teacher of astrology;
a former practitioner for many years of Eastern-type meditation and beliefs, and who engaged
in various occult practices such as having a spirit guide and doing astral travel.




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