By Joeseph Hassall ©

(This poem is based on a real person's life)

I told you not to smoke.
You thought it was a joke.
Wish you were here today.
But sadly you passed away.

You were killed by lung cancer.
But was smoking really the answer.
To all the problems you had in life.
Simply an easy way out. Right?

Why the hell did you start on drugs?
The buzz of it made you feel good.
Tell me mate are you truly mad?
Oh! I see you just wanted to be bad.

And you already know what I think.
About people who have too much to drink.
You knew everything would be fine.
As long as you're drinking didn't cross the line.

Addictions that screwed you up in the head.
Have now left you six feet under. Dead.
I still think of you now to this day.
What a terrible way to throw your life away.

The Lord's Children
by shy
Forum Owner of
Two Trees In The Garden

Have you heard of Marilyn Manson?
Well he was a Christian in his
younger days.
He turned to worldly fun, because
He wasn't accepted by some.

The Lord says, "Suffer little children,
and forbid them not, to come unto me," or
like Marilyn Manson he'll turn out
to be.

You must understand that when the
church closes the door,
Through our children's eyes,
the world offers more.

When we the church cause our
children to reject Christ,
we, the Church, will pay the
ultimate price.

By Edda Gibbons
Copryright 10/14/98

(Used with permision from author)

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