What is This
Site All About?

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This web site exists for a number of purposes and originates from a number of motives. It is my hope that this page will clarify what these are and clear up a few common misconceptions and misunderstandings that occasionally arise within the minds of some visitors to this site.

First and foremost, the primary purpose of this site is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, share His love, and testify to the hope and freedom that is offered to all humanity through Him, regardless of their religion, culture, colour or creed (John 3:16). It is hoped that every person is reached with a message of hope and freedom (Matt. 28:19-20; Luke 4:18).

This site also seeks to defend Christianity against some common criticisms and arguments often heard from atheists, agnostics, other religious groups, the media, and others (Jude 3). Even though this site aims to make a defence, it is the firm conviction of the webmaster that this can be done in a sensitive and respectful manner.

As well as defending Christianity, this site also respecfully critiques other world views, sub-cultures, and religions. It aims to do this in a fair and balanced manner and in a spirit of genuine conviction of Christian love and concern. In no way does this site seek to mock, or disrespect any people group or belief system. Although difference of opinion in religious beliefs are explored, debated, and critiqued, this site always seeks to uphold consideration for the people who hold their respective views. Differences of opinion between belief systems presented in this site does not mean that this site is against the people who hold these views. Disagreeing with what someone believes in no way means that the person who holds that belief should be presented as disagreeable themselves.

This site also carries the firm conviction that all people of all beliefs and backgrounds can have respect for each other and share friendship and understanding even though they may have to agree to disagree over matters of faith, practice and doctrine. Despite these differences all people share a common humanity which unites us all (Gen. 1:26-27).

While we still presently have religious freedom of speech in the UK this site seeks to stimulate intelligent debate and offer alternative viewpoints from a Christian perspective. It is always good to get an opinion on everything from lots of different angles, and it is hoped that the opinions presented in this site will be given a fair hearing and consideration by people researching the many subjects and issues it covers. This happens in a secular environment. For example, if someone is researching a company they plan on doing business with, they listen to a wide variety other people's opinions about that business so as to make an informed and balanced decision before they commit themselves. Politicians also have the right to air and debate their respective views. This should also be the same in the religious realm.

In addition to all of this, although this site is a Christian site, it is also believed that all people should have the same right to have the same freedom of speech to air their views about the Christian religion, the Church, and indeed this site as long as mutual respect is shown in the same way that this site seeks to extend to others. It should also be highlighted that this site does not shy away from admitting some of the problems and difficulties that arise within Christianity or the Church and is also comfortable with admitting and discussing this.

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