"Vampires" you say! "There's no such thing!" Well...Yes you are right. But for some reason, there is a large and growing number of people who are obsessed with them, some even believing themselves to be vampires. Sadly, not all of it can be brushed off as harmless fun either as some have taken it to such extents as to ruin their lives and the lives of others...

Vampires.   The main article on this site about the current interest in Vampires (or "Vampyres" as some call them). Short but sweet!

So Long Sucker!   Newspaper article (scanned) about a man who left his wife after becoming "a Vampire" to join a Vampire cult.

A Sacrifice to Satan.   Magazine article (scanned) about a couple who's interest in Vampirism and the occult led them to murder.

Vampirism out of Control.   The darker side of vampires in the news.

External link: For a highly recommended article on the Gothic Vampire movement, by Marcia Montenegro, click here: Vampyres.

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